fredag 1. juli 2011

Sjekk ut bloggen;
No he ej laga mi eiga liste (den blir på engelsk sidan bloggen til Yuval er på engelsk og hebraisk. Engelsk valgte ej då...)

1. Write at least 5 short stories for my book

2. Write 3 songs or more

3. Start to learn a new language (can’t decide yet, but Spanish, French, Arabic and Hebrew are on my wish list…)

4. Sing for an audience (hopefully one of my own songs)

5. Go to Aserbajdsjan

6. Get A on one of my exams

7. Run around Østensjøvannet 10 minutes faster than today (wow, I have to train hard, even though I don’t run fast now either…..)

8. Make a dress

9. Go on a date

10. Update my blog at least once a week ;)

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